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Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques work holistically to improve many health conditions including digestive troubles, allergies, and joint pain.
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Acupuncture can be used effectively to improve fertility in women, address menstruation difficulties, and assist during menopause.
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Motor Vehicle &
Workers Comp

We work with your insurance and referring physician to assist in recovery while easing pain after an injury.
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Acupuncture can produce dramatic results in animals of all sizes. We treat working animals for everything from injuries to fertility.

Discover the Power of Acupuncture

Acupuncture practitioners utilize observation, evaluation, and hands-on bodywork to improve health and wellness in a patient. Acupuncture is an effective, safe, and pain-free treatment for many different health issues. You will find only compassionate, holistic care at The Acupuncture Center.

Family Medicine

Acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities are used to treat current health challenges and improve wellness. Your acupuncturist will determine if methodologies like acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, and herbal remedies are appropriate for your particular condition and work with you to achieve improved health and comfort.


  • Neck and back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Neuralgia, TMJ, or dental pain
  • Post-operative discomfort
  • Injury or disease-related pain
  • Allergies or asthma
  • Arthritis pain
  • Insomnia
  • Gastrointestinal issues


Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners utilize specific methodologies for the diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of health challenges. Often, treatment includes a combination of modalities, like acupuncture and herbal remedies, used in conjunction to benefit your overall health. Every holistic healthcare technique we utilize works with your whole body to treat specific symptoms while improving overall health. If you are hoping to improve your health or that of your family, contact Acupuncture Center today.

Fertility Treatments

Acupuncture Center is a multi-disciplinary practice that has evolved safe, effective, and side-effect-free treatments for women who are having trouble getting pregnant. We work with our patient to pinpoint any gynecological and overall health issues that may affect their fertility. From there, we utilize Traditional Chinese Medicine to release blockages, improve health, and ease symptoms.


  • Successful natural pregnancy or IVF
  • Menstruation regulation
  • Reduction in PCOS symptoms
  • Regulating hormones
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved blood flow to the uterus


Women come from all over the world to Acupuncture Center to improve their fertility naturally. However, there are other women’s health issues that acupuncture and herbal medicine can benefit. The hormone regulation and improved uterine blood flow that our treatments provide can assist in relieving menstruation, PMS, or menopause symptoms.
If you are ready to use natural methods to improve your health – contact us today. We are here to assist with fertility, menstruation, and any other women’s health issue.

Car Accidents
& Worker’s Comp

Acupuncture can improve the healing time of and reduce the pain caused by motor vehicle accidents and on-the-job injuries. Whether an injury is caused by repetitive work, like carpal tunnel syndrome, or was induced by an accident, like a sprain or strain, Acupuncture Center can provide you with a pain-free solution which speeds healing so you can get back to work or back on the road.


  • Whiplash
  • Sprains or strains
  • Pulled ligaments
  • Repetitive stress injuries
  • Joint pain
  • Soft-tissue injuries
  • Post-operative recovery


Most insurers cover acupuncture after a car accident or if you are referred to us by your doctor. We are also preferred providers for most major insurance companies. Acupuncture works by stimulating specific points, improving circulation, reducing pain, and assisting in the healing process. If you are considering acupuncture after an accident or injury, contact Acupuncture Center. We will work with your insurance and physician to assist you during your recovery.

Animal Acupuncture

Oriental veterinary medicine began 3000 years ago with a focus on horses. The earliest recorded doctor of animal medicine was Chou Fu, who worked to treat military horses. Animal acupuncture techniques were expanded in the 1970s to improve the health of a variety of species. Many years or practicing animal acupuncture have shown how remarkably safe it is.


  • Animal fertility
  • Common and uncommon diseases
  • Injuries
  • Organ or gastrointestinal complaints
  • Musculoskeletal issues
  • Farm and working animals like horses, cows, goats, dogs, and more


While animal acupuncture goes back thousands of years, Dr. Buckmaster’s teacher, Dr. Bruno, worked with other acupuncturists and veterinarians to develop animal acupuncture here in America. He has since passed his knowledge to Dr. Buckmaster, enabling the doctor to treat local farm and working animals of all species.
This type of natural healthcare can improve animal fertility as well as injury or disease recovery. With over forty years of success in this field, Acupuncture Center has the experience to improve your animals’ health.