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Women from around the world visit Acupuncture Center for natural, effective fertility treatments. Find out how we use these safe and powerful methodologies to assist you in attaining motherhood.

Car Accidents

Accidents and injuries can cause long-term pain and discomfort if not treated appropriately. Acupuncture Center utilizes safe and effective methods for assisting in rehabilitation and recovery after an accident.


Dr. Buckmaster treats working farm animals with proven Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. His natural and safe methodologies can assist your animals with their health and fertility challenges.


Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine methodologies like cupping are proven, effective and natural techniques for treatment and recovery after a painful accident.

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Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine methodologies like cupping are proven, effective and natural techniques for treatment and recovery after a painful accident.

(503) 371-8770

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Our Approach

We take a gentle, holistic approach to healing utilizing Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques such as acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, and herbal remedies. Dr. Buckmaster has trained in traditional modalities both in China and here in the U.S. under Acupuncture Center’s former clinician, Dr. Bruno. We are the oldest continuously operating acupuncture clinic in Oregon, and have provided regular care to patients, their families, and their friends for over forty years.

We want you to be the healthiest version of you.

Our mission is to provide excellent care to our patients using the proven efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine to address the everyday ailments of their modern-day lives.

Acupuncture Treatments

Acupuncture has lately become more widespread in the Western world, however, these treatments have been available in the East for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicine has evolved over this time and has been proven safe and effective in scientific tests and studies across the globe.
In acupuncture, we use very fine, sterile needles to activate specific points of the body. This hands-on process helps to lower inflammation, improve circulation, and stimulate natural healing.

Testimonials From Clients

I have been a patient at the Acupuncture Center for more than five years. Although Travis has treated me for different ailments over the years, my biggest success story involves my back treatments and his ability to get me back on the dance floor and without the threat of back surgery looming over me.

Since Travis has been treating me, I no longer take Ibuprofen or any other pain medications. Because I receive exceptional care every time I am treated, and at a reasonable charge, I happily refer my friends and family to Travis.

~Barbara A.
A very satisfied patient!

Travis is my hero! Armed with knowledge and his dedication and compassion for his patients, he literally saved my foot from amputation.

Each time a new challenge is presented, Travis is able to pin point the areas that need treatment. He listens to all complaints: physical and emotional. I am treated with respect and value. He is supportive in all areas and I know that he is making my continuing recovery much easier. Because of him, I am truly able to stand on my own two feet.

Forever Grateful,
Sheree K.

On the advice of a Naturopathic Doctor, I was advised to seek an acupuncturist to help promote healing of my venous stasis/ulcer which was causing me severe pain starting three weeks earlier. The emergency doctor, a dermatologist and my primary doctor were unable to provide a working treatment besides prescribing pain meds. Fortunately, I found Dr. Travis Buckmaster at the Acupuncture Center of Salem. Travis set a course of acupuncture treatment for the next 5 weeks; he explained how acupuncture could help increase blood flow to my lower extremity which in turn would promote healing by unblocking the energy flow, called Chi in Chinese Medicine. After only a few treatments, my pain was subsiding and my wound size was starting to decrease. Then, Travis started me on a herbal treatment to expel the remaining toxins that were slowly “weeping” from my wound. The previous doctors I had seen wanted to “debrid” or scrape off these toxins, a very painful procedure; the herbal treatment worked really well in expelling toxins painlessly, and my wound began to heal and “scab” over for the first time after only 5 weeks of treatment. Travis’s bedside manner and knowledge of Chinese Medicine are top-notch and I can highly recommend him for treatments. Oh, his office assistant, Joanna, was very congenial, and she made scheduling and reminders easy and efficient.

Sincerely and with a 5-star rating,
~Brian F.

I’m writing this for all of you whom might be experiencing changes within your body as you age. Mine has been with menopause/hot flashes. I started on an herbal formula that Dr. Travis created just for me. After the first & second glass, my tastebuds said, “no way”! I kept an open mind and by the third glass I knew this was the right formula for me! My hot flashes are nonexistent and I can sleep at night again! I drink one cup a day, sometimes less! I just can’t believe how quickly the herbs changed my life!!! … you need to give them a try and definitely more than just one glass. Thank you for changing my life!

~Christy B.

I have enjoyed coming to The Acupuncture Center. Travis not only provides knowledgeable, compassionate and effective care with acupuncture but now has healing herbs as well.  Joanna at the front desk provides helpful reminder calls, impeccable billing to my insurance provider, friendly greetings and efficient check out.  A great team!  The décor has been updated beautifully.  The facility is always clean.  If you are new to acupuncture, thinking of changing providers or have been away for a bit you would do yourself a great service to check out The Acupuncture Center.


I came to the Acupuncture Center in 2007 and became a patient of Dr. Gene Bruno following a diagnosis of a spinal injury and recommendation that I receive back surgery. Dr. Bruno successfully addressed this issue through episodic care. In the past 11 years, I have remained a patient of this clinic to address other chronic and acute physical health issues including treatment following knee replacement surgery as well as pre and post-surgical care for a shoulder replacement surgery with Dr. Travis Buckmaster. Dr. Buckmaster was known to me as he covered Dr. Bruno’s patients during his annual vacation. I have been a patient of Dr. Buckmaster since he has taken over the practice following Dr. Bruno’s retirement. I have found this was a seamless transition with continuity of care which I have found to be personalized, comprehensive, quality and effective. To this date, I have been able to avoid back surgery and have found Dr. Buckmaster’s treatment for my most recent surgery has promoted my recovery beyond the expectations of the surgeon and physical therapists.

I highly recommend Dr. Buckmaster and his friendly and attentive staff for anyone considering acupuncture as an alternative to medications and other traditional treatment approaches.

~David B.

My acupuncture treatments are major relief for my symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. I have more stamina, muscle strength, balance, and flexibility along with better fatigue, spasm, and balance care since being diagnosed 25 years ago. I am better because of it.
Along with my Multiple Sclerosis, Dr. Buckmaster has provided me treatment for automobile injuries; pain relief from a broken hip and shoulder, the aches and pains of colds, flu, fever and cough… my list goes on.

I recommend Dr. Buckmaster and his staff to one and all!
~Barbara S.

After four months of fertility treatment by acupuncturist Travis Buckmaster, we were able to conceive our first baby. I am currently expecting a baby girl in January 2016 and couldn’t be more excited. My husband and I decided we were going to start trying to get pregnant in July 2014. I had my Mirena IUD
removed and had a terrible time getting my cycles back on track. I was prepared for it to take time but I was just not having much luck. I wanted to do all I could to help my situation before the one year mark. A close friend told me about fertility acupuncture and the success that Travis had had. So after six months of trying on our own, I made my first appointment with Travis in January of 2015. Travis was very compassionate and took the time to answer all of my questions and educate me on the process. Four short months later we were expecting. As an added bonus Travis was able to accurately predict our little one’s gender when I was only 12 weeks. We can’t wait to meet our baby girl!


A friend referred me to the Acupuncture Center after I experienced multiple miscarriages and a preterm delivery. I had heard about Dr. Travis’ Success with fertility treatment and was hopeful he could help me sustain a pregnancy. After my first round of fertility treatments, I was pregnant. With ongoing treatments, I am past the point of previous miscarriages and looking forward to a full-term pregnancy. I highly recommend Dr. Travis to all friends suffering from fertility issues.

~Merissa Z.

As a long-term patient of Dr. Buckmaster, I can say with certainty that his treatment, both in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, has been transformational. Dr. Buckmaster and his wife, Joanna, are an exceptional team at The Acupuncture Center. They provide a caring and peaceful environment that has supported my healing and they always go above-and-beyond to meet my individual treatment needs. Thank you, Dr. Buckmaster and Joanna. Your care has made all the difference in reducing my pain and improving my overall health.

~Michelle O.

I never believed that “sticking” me with needles would ever make a difference. My position was “Yeah Right give me the opiates.” With pretty severe arthritis and degenerative disc disease I finally became desperate enough to try acupuncture. I chose the Acupuncture Center merely because it was in a convenient location. My first visit Gene Bruno “stuck me” with a bunch of needles and the results were not much less than miraculous. It’s unusual to be pain free after the very first treatment but I was. Doc Bruno was now my “hero”. I was a little concerned when he retired and turned his practice over to Travis Lee Buckmaster. After seeing Travis, my concerns quickly were completely gone. Travis is as good as Gene and I think even better. If you are in need of pain relief I highly recommend the Acupuncture Center. Travis and Joanna are the very best. They are both very friendly and professional and above all they truly care about me and they will truly care for you too.
Acupuncture with Travis will always be my primary pain management and I have been free from opiate use for several years.

~ Jay H.

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